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Low Law Corporation provides exceptional legal services to individuals facing criminal charges. As a highly skilled litigator, Mr. Low Chun Yee is dedicated to protecting you and achieving the best possible outcomes. Contact us today for expert assistance and unwavering support.

Criminal Defence

Our criminal defence law firm in Singapore specializes in criminal defence, with extensive experience in various offences. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Low has an intimate understanding of how the prosecution operates, which enables us to navigate complex legal waters in a way that benefits you.

The following are examples of offences we can help you with:

  • Violent crimes and causing hurt
  • Criminal breach of trust
  • Cheating
  • Sexual offences
  • Prostitution-related offences under Women’s Charter
  • Drug-related offences under Misuse of Drugs Act
  • Gambling-related offences under Remote Gambling Act
  • Driving-related offences under Road Traffic Act
  • Electronic and computer crimes
  • Immigration offences
  • Employment-related offences under Employment Act / Employment of Foreign Manpower Act
  • Workplace safety and industrial accident-related offences under the Workplace Safety and Health Act / Work Injury Compensation Act

Whether it is about securing the most optimal offer from the prosecution at the pre-trial stage, proving your innocence in a full-blown trial, or obtaining the lightest possible sentence at the plead guilty mention, you can trust us to deliver the results.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience and Effectiveness. At Low Law Corporation, you have the advantage of Mr Low’s pragmatic and highly effective legal expertise, where he vigorously fights for his clients’ interests.
  • In-depth Knowledge of Criminal Law. Mr Low’s extensive experience and criminal law knowledge allow him to consistently secure favourable outcomes for his clients.
  • Compassionate Support. Low Law Corporation offers compassionate support and an empathetic criminal defence specialist, Mr. Low, who provides unwavering assistance throughout your case.


Why do you need a criminal defence lawyer?

A criminal defence lawyer in Singapore can protect your rights, assess the strength of the prosecution’s case and work to minimise potential penalties. With their expertise and strategic approach, you can ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

In Singapore, what advantages do you get from hiring criminal lawyers?

Criminal lawyers provide legal expertise, protect your rights, develop tailored defence strategies, negotiate with prosecutors and serve as your dedicated advocate in court.

Can you contact your criminal defence attorneys once you have been arrested?

Yes, you can get a criminal defence attorney once you have been released from the station. It is advisable to exercise this right as soon as possible to seek legal advice and representation. Your attorney can help you understand the charges against you and assist in navigating the legal process.

What is the role of a criminal lawyer?

A lawyer specializing in criminal defence in Singapore plays a crucial role in ensuring their clients receive fair treatment, protection of their legal rights and the best possible legal representation throughout the criminal justice process.


They advocate for their clients and strive to achieve the most favourable outcome, whether that involves acquittal, reduced charges, or minimised penalties. Criminal lawyers also provide emotional support to their clients throughout the case. They understand that their clients may be experiencing stress or anxiety due to the legal process, and they offer reassurance and guidance to help them navigate this difficult time. By providing comprehensive support, criminal lawyers help their clients achieve the best possible outcome in their cases.

When selecting a criminal lawyer, what are the primary factors one should consider?

When choosing a criminal lawyer or law firm in Singapore, consider their courtroom experience, client-attorney relationship, legal fees and availability. Ensure they have adequate trial experience, establish a good rapport, discuss costs upfront and dedicate enough time to your case.

Typically, what is the duration of a criminal case?

As a general guideline, some criminal cases in Singapore, governed by the principles of criminal law in Singapore, can be resolved within a few months, while others, especially those involving complex trials and appeals, can extend for several years. It is essential to consult with your attorney for a more accurate estimate of the expected duration based on the specific details of your case within Singapore’s legal system and criminal law framework.

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