Lin Qunxiang

Mr. Low is very responsible and professional in the way he handles his work and clients. The level of service provided by Mr. Low truly amazed me, especially because I have engaged previous lawyers and I have not felt a similar level of support. Mr. Low really fights for you and he is extremely responsive and quick to provide updates about my case at the soonest possible time without me even having to ask. He would constantly give advice on what is the best possible route and what are the possibilities that would flow from that. He gives clear instructions on what he needs from you so he can obtain the best outcome for you. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or loved ones in need.

Brandon Lee

Mr. Low is definitely the lawyer to go for if you are seeking help for your legal matters. He is very knowledgeable and quick witted. I am so glad I got to meet him. I saw first-hand how he gathers the information from his clients and defend for his clients to achieve the very minimum of sentences. With his past background as a DPP, you can trust his judgments in terms of what sort of likely sentence someone has to face, so this allowed me to get prepared mentally as early as possible. Thank you once again Mr. Low, I will definitely introduce you to my friends that may be in need of legal help.

Ann Goh

Mr. Low represented my brother in court and I feel extremely fortunate to have met such a professional, efficient and capable lawyer like him. He is exceptionally caring and empathetic towards the situation of his clients, and I can tell he puts in his very all into everything that he does. Mr. Low is a lawyer that gives you a sense of assurance and confidence and at the same time, will not give you any false hope. So far, having came across many other lawyers, Mr. Low is the lawyer that mesmerized me the most due to his extremely diligent and meticulous character. His service is really tip top! With his strong dedication and intellect, I’m sure he will be able to help a lot more people and I must say, it is indeed is not easy to come across such a respectable lawyer like Mr. Low. I’ll definitely recommend him to anyone who is in need of help. On top of that, I really feel he deserves the title as the best criminal lawyer in Singapore! Dear Mr. Low, on behalf of my family, thank you so much for your help!


Mr. Low Chun Yee is a very professional lawyer. He understands what the client’s needs are, analyzes legal issues and provides important guidance to achieve the best outcome for his client. I’m very thankful to him and will continue to recommend him to my friends. He is truly a great and talented lawyer who is passionate about the law and helping others.

Andy Kok Wai Kit

To Mr. Low I would like to say thank you for helping me in my criminal trial. I am so lucky to have you as my lawyer to handle my case. I appreciate all that you have done for me to resolve the case. Once again, thank you and I wish you great success.

Kasim aripin

Mr. Low is a very professional and good lawyer. He explained my situation very clearly to me, he supported me throughout the matter, and he helped me obtain a warning from the prosecution. I’m really thankful to Mr. Low and for everything he has done to help me. God bless.


Mr. Low is very knowledgeable and direct. On our first meeting, I appreciated how he delved straight into the case. I like that he does not mince his words yet exercises empathy throughout. He is a wonderful communicator with the ability to make you feel comfortable so you are able to share about your situation. After we decided to engage his help, Mr. Low continued to impress me with his perseverance and good listening skills. When I had any doubts, he was able to clear my doubts with his logical reasoning. Throughout the case, Mr. Low was very prompt with his replies and he was able to show me different perspectives which shows his vast experience as a lawyer. Suffice to say, we got the results we hoped for in the shortest amount of time possible and we would not have done it without his advice and assistance. Thank you, Mr. Low! I was happy that you were on our side.

Lydia Lu

Mr. Low Chun Yee defended me in a criminal matter and obtained the minimum sentence possible for me. I found him to be an experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer with excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details. I really appreciate everything he did for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation. Thanks again!


Mr. Low Chun Yee is a very confident lawyer and he gives excellent advice through his experiences as a ex-prosecutor and a defence lawyer. He does his job professionally, and he is definitely a lawyer that you can rely on. I have recommended a friend of mine to him when he needed legal help, and will definitely continue to do so. Thank you Mr. Low!


Mr. Low was my CLAS-appointed lawyer. Mr. Low is a very patient person and gives the best advice from his past experience as an ex-prosecutor. This better prepared me for the judgment I was going to receive in my case. I would also say that I highly recommend Mr. Low because of his professionalism. He is a lawyer who will never give you false hope.

Ms. Lee A. N.

I read Mr. Low’s profile and I decided he is the lawyer I should reach out to. Immediately I WhatsApp-ed him and he responded quite fast. After we met in his office, Mr. Low is direct and very clear on my possible legal options. He is also responsive to advise you on what to do if a new scenario arises. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal help. Thank you so much, Mr. Low for helping me to settle my case.


Mr. Low Chun Yee fought hard for me and obtained the least severe punishment for me in my case. Throughout the case, he advised me on the process and potential pitfalls. Mr. Low is also a principled person who believes that everyone deserves a chance. He is trustworthy and I believe he is the best lawyer to his clients.


Thank You Mr. Low for your help in my case. Much appreciated. Everything went smoothly. I highly recommend Mr. Low.

Abigael Tay

Mr. Low Chun Yee was assigned to my family as the pro-bono lawyer through Criminal Legal Aid Scheme. Even though we were receiving free legal advice through CLAS; Mr. Low was at all times professional, proactive, efficient and most importantly, relatable. He was able to explain all matters, however trivial, to us in a friendly manner that was easy for an elderly person to understand. I will not hesitate to recommend Mr. Low to anyone who seeks legal help.


I would like to thank Mr. Low for his professionalism and openness. Although I have decided not to pursue the case due to practical and financial reasons, I really appreciate his great advice, knowledge sharing and openness during the consultation. He is really a great lawyer!

G Tan

I contacted Mr. Low to ask for legal advice. Although it was a short consultation, Mr. Low evaluated my situation thoroughly and gave me his honest inputs on the matter, which helped a lot. I appreciate the help and advice given to me. Thank you!

Mrs. Foo

I would like to thank Mr. Low for his hard work, professionalism and knowledge when dealing with my son’s case. I would definitely recommend Mr. Low to anyone who requires his legal expertise.


I would hereby like to thank Mr. Low for the excellent service and the hard work he put in to settle my case. Thank you so much especially for your patience. Thank you for always replying me whenever I text you. I am sincerely grateful for the help you gave me. Mr. Low is friendly, highly professional, attentive, systematic, thorough and knowledgeable.

Mohammed ariff bin zain

A really great lawyer. Open minded and really gives his best to his clients throughout.

Hariq Hogan

Mr. Low Chun Yee is a great lawyer. He upholds and executes his professional duties very well. His explanation to me in every situation is crystal clear. He is able to break down different aspects of the case and help me in each of them. Mr. Low is confident, proactive and efficient. In my opinion, his support throughout the court mentions and trial is superb. I am sincerely thankful for the effort and hard work that Mr. Low had put in for my case. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Low Chun Yee to my friends. All the best to Mr. Low for your future endeavours and may God bless you.

Nurul Akasha Bte Mohamad Rapi

Mr. Low Chun Yee recently represented me in a criminal matter and it was quickly evident that he is knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful. During the matter, Mr. Low spent ample time with me to walk me through the entire process and ensure that I understood it. I highly recommend Mr. Low Chun Yee to anyone seeking a great criminal lawyer. Thank you so much for your guidance and help with my legal troubles. Your kindness and support were greatly appreciated when I needed them most.

Jeevan M

Hi Sir I am very happy with the sentence you achieved in my case. Thank God to have a lawyer like you. Hope others will know about you too and how you are a great lawyer and you can continue helping others like me.

Gowri R

Thank you for helping me for my divorce case. Everything was very smooth and concluded much faster than I expected. Thank you for your time Mr. Low! Highly recommended!

Ong Lai Chai

Thank you Mr. Low for helping me throughout the court case. You are helpful and understanding and you are always there to give me good legal advice. Great lawyer with bright future!


Mr. Low is able to provide helpful, timely and professional legal advice that a layman can understand. He will share all the necessary and important information regarding the scenario, implication and consequence of a legal matter. He is attentive and able to provide constructive feedback and concerns with a great deal of patience. I would especially like to commend Mr. Low on his professionalism and superlative skills. I would recommend Mr. Low to anyone who needs a great and professional lawyer.

Sophia Elynna

Mr. Low provided legal advice and guidance to me during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. While working with Mr. Low, I felt my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer me wrong. I would highly recommend Mr. Low to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair and honest, as he will keep your best interests and unique needs at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from Mr. Low again.


I would say that Mr. Low is experienced, professional and helpful. Having been on both sides of the equation, Mr. Low is certainly a lawyer who knows what to expect from the judges and prosecutors alike.

Mr. Liew

Some time back, a report was made against me. I found out about Mr. Low Chun Yee and contacted the law firm and Mr. Low got back to me the very same day. Mr. Low even advised me ways to save cost on legal fees and consultations. He is very passionate and experienced and does not give false hope. He would reply me even when I asked simple questions and queries pertaining to my case, and his replies were very detailed even though he did not charge me a single cent since the day I contacted him. Eventually, my case was given a warning in just barely 3 weeks. Mr. Low totally changed my opinions about lawyers. I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal help.

Thana Balan

Mr. Low is a great lawyer. He always has great points to help me out. Without his expertise and help, I know I would not have been granted probation in my case. Thank you so much!